DBZ Tribute Elite Wiki

Future Trunks is a hero in DBZ Tribute representing the Z-Fighters. He is automatically assigned to Player 6 (Orange).


The number one rusher in the game, Future Trunks has everything he needs to hunt down his enemies. His starting area is near the center of the map, giving him access to almost any area in the game. Trunks' Sword and Future Gohan Training gives him the early power to level up quickly and travel to wherever he wants at enhanced movement speed. The extra attack damage and attack speed also ensures that absolutely no one can stand in auto attack range. Having the earliest Super Saiyan, a 1.750x transformation, and a very potent bonus, Future Trunks is unmatched in early game power. Any enemy of his choosing will be slain with ease.

Once he hits Ultra Super Saiyan 2, Future Trunks becomes a saga-slaying master. He becomes one of the only heroes able to melee down sagas, and his terrifying five nukes (the absolute most in the game) gives him a lot of opportunities to burst them down. After he obtains his Improved Sword, his saga-rushing capabilities become even faster, especially when utilizing his Cleave.

However, as an early-game powerhouse, his late-game is severely lackluster. Even with the ridiculous ability scaling he has, he is held back immensely by his multiplier: Ultra Super Saiyan 2 only assists his STR, and Super Saiyan 2 will almost never reach above 2.300x multiplier. Future Trunks will be best off trying to stick on a single target, stance-shifting between both transformations to maximize his damage given and to minimize his damage taken. If the change arises, being able to utilize Future Trunks's cleave can turn a fight around in an instant, especially if it's a critical strike.

Pros & Cons[]


  • Unmatched in the early game
  • Spawns in the middle of the map, giving him the ability to traverse to and rush almost any hero in the game
  • Extraordinary saga clearing
  • Great durability in Ultra Super Saiyan 2 allows him to function as a tank, taking much less damage from nukes and sagas
  • Critical strikes and Cleave with Improved Sword can turn fights around in an instant
  • Future Gohan Training gives him extraordinary chasing power and fleeing power
  • Powerful bonus that's easy to achieve, being able to secure it as soon as he gets Super Saiyan


  • Extremely limited multiplier in the late game, reducing almost all of his strengths drastically as time passes
  • Susceptible to kiting due to short ranges in his stronger nukes as well as long cooldowns
    • Kiting is especially strong against him when he's in Ultra Super Saiyan 2 before reaching maximum movement speed
  • Loses most of his effectiveness if he cannot secure an early lead




Details Usage
Super Saiyan Level 25 1.500x ss
Ultra Super Saiyan Level 50 1.750x uss
Ultra Super Saiyan 2 Level 70 3.000x STR
1.750x AGI/INT
Removes Future Gohan Training while active
Reduces movement speed drastically while active
Ultra Super Saiyan 2 Mastery Level 70 +4 movement speed per level
Regular movement speed at level 130.

Only applies to Ultra Super Saiyan 2

Super Saiyan 2 Level 100 2.000x + 0.00125x per level ss2
Improved Sword Level 125 Replace Trunks' Sword with Trunks' Improved Sword Visit Bulma at Capsule Corp


Skill Name Description Details Levels Cooldown
(ITEM) Trunks' Sword
A sword crafted by Bulma of the future. It's fairly sharp, allowing you to slice through multiple targets. +51 + 15% attack damage

+20% cleave

Item Passive
(ITEM) Trunks' Improved Sword
A sword crafted by Bulma of the future and improved upon by Bulma of the present. It's fairly sharp, allowing you to slice through multiple targets.

Replaces Trunks' Sword after visiting Bulma at level 125

+103 + 66% attack damage

+20% cleave

Item Passive
Sword Slash
Trunks will cut through any enemies in his path when using Zanzoken.

Damage doubles with Improved Sword

(AGI * Fighting Style Level * 0.5)
+ 50 damage
Hidden Passive See Zanzoken
Future Gohan Training
In Trunks' timeline, Gohan was killed by the Androids. Before he died, he was Trunks' master and taught him everything he knew.

Unavailable when in USS2.

Increases movement and attack speed by 10% Passive Passive
(Q) Finish Buster
Fires a powerful energy blast from the user's hands, to be used in combination with other techniques to provide the maximum effect. (INT * Skill Level * 2)
+ 100 damage
7 levels 16 seconds
(W) Burning Attack
Trunks performs a complicated set of arm movements which end with the hands being brought together in a triangle shape and a ball of energy being released. (INT * Skill Level * 3)
+ 100 damage initially

(INT * Skill Level * 1)
+ 100 damage after a delay

5 levels 24 seconds
(E) Big Bang Attack
The user holds his arms at right angle his body and lets loose a powerful ball of energy which explodes the atoms of the target. (INT * Skill Level * 4)
+ 100 damage
7 levels 27 seconds
(R) High Power Rush
Trunks quickly moves behind his enemy and hits it with an explosive amount of force.

Only available in USS2.

(STR * 3.5) damage

Stuns the target for 1 second.

1 level 30 seconds
(F) Trunks' Style
Trunks' training consists of solely learning to become stronger. He can put a lot of damage into his hits, but he leaves himself vulnerable at the same time.

Fighting Style: Increases stats by +5 per level

10% - 24% Critical Strike Chance

1.4x - 3.6x Critical Strike Damage

5% - 19% Evasion

15 levels Passive